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By hostel pick-up: We have airport pick-up, so we can organize the pickup for you and your group, by calling our transporter guy :) . A request has to be made in front to ensure availability.
By Taxi: You can get a taxi calling the one of the following taxi numbers:+40 256 945,+40 256 942,+40 256 940. Do not get a taxi from already parked in the airport, because they have higher prices. Then ask for Asanesti [phonetically: Ah-sah-neh-sh-ty] Street, No.3, Ap.1 (near the Banat Museum). New street name is Patriarh Miron Cristea.

3. From the main bus(coach) station
By Taxi: Call a taxi at these numbers: +40 256 945,+40 256 942,+40 256 940. Then ask for Asanesti [phonetically: Ah-sah-neh-sh-ty] street, No.3, Ap.1 (near the Banat Museum)
By Walking: Alternatively, you can walk in the direction of the main train station (see google map), and from there you can take the same transport as described at point 1 (from train station).


How to find us (reception):

1. From the main train station(Gara de Nord)
By Tram: Use the Tram No. 1 and get off at he 4th stop called Catedrala Mitrolopitana (see image bellow). From there (you’re in city center) the hostel is very close,  just follow the directions bellow.

By Walking: If you decide to walk to the hostel, from the train station is about 22 minutes following the boulevard  ”Republicii” in the image above and once you get to the City Center, follow the image bellow to get to the hostel.

2. From the airport
By Bus: You can get the E4 bus and exit at 6th stop called Bastion (or Piata I.C.Bratianu). From there follow the below directions from the bellow map

Click here for full route of LINIA 1

Click here for full Trolley Map (then click LINIA 11, LINIA 14 and LINIA 18 in the left menu)

By Trolleybus: Alternatively, you can use the trolleybus T11, T14 or T18 and get off at the second station called Piata Regina Maria. From there, go towards the Cathedral and then follow the directions from the image bellow.

Or contact us by:

Tel: +40-743-43-85-34 (Timisoara time is +2 GMT).

Email: (we will answer quickly).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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